Blank Fillable DA Form 31

Blank Fillable DA Form 31 – Fillable DA 31 is used by US Army members to request permission to leave their posts. It is also known as an Authorization to Leave or Request and Authority for Leave. Fillable DA 31 form is generally used to request a vacation leave or to assist relatives members in an emergency. This form will collect details about the soldier’s personal information and how they can be reached in the event of a need.

Blank Fillable DA Form 31

The Department of the Army uses the DA 31 form. It is a Request and Authority for Leave form that an individual in the Army must fill out when they want to request leave. This could be for personal reasons like trips or vacations. It can also be used to request leave in case of emergency or medical emergency for family members.Blank Fillable DA Form 31

The DA Form 31 asks for personal details like name, address, U.S. Army rank and social security number. It also asks for where the individual is at present. The Form 31 asks for information regarding the vacation, including duration and who will be accompanying you.

A soldier’s request for a military leave is able to be accepted or rejected by the information provided on this form. If you can provide as much information as you can on your leave, you can aid in getting it accepted. The request may be rejected when you don’t provide all the required information.

It is frequently used to authorize leave, keep track of the beginning and ending of the leave, keep track of address and phone numbers for soldiers to call in the event of an emergency, and also to confirm the days of leave that can be charged to the soldier’s leave account.

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