Current Printable I9 Form

Current Printable i9 Form – An I-9 is the Department of Homeland Security’s Employment Eligibility Verification Form. It is completed by every new employee hired by your company and used to document the employee’s legality to work in the USA.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security obliges all employees to complete an I-9 form. Out of the two forms that you are absolutely required to ask your employee to fill out, the I-9 form can be the trickiest. It is important to examine your new employee’s identification and with your best judgment make sure that it’s authentic. Employees have several options for identification. They typically show their employer their Social Security card or driver’s license . Create a duplicate of the original document when you fill out the form and put them in the file of the employee.Current Printable i9 Form

Current Printable I9 Form

Current Printable i9 Form

What do you need to complete Form I-9?

As an employer, you will not need anything specific to complete an I-9 because all of the required documents have to be supplied by the employee. The employee must submit an I-9 to prove that you have read the required documents and identity to confirm that the employee is legally able to work in the US and that all documentation provided by employees is valid. Current Printable i9 Form

Although it is good practice to take a photocopy of documents employees need to submit to prove eligibility, it’s not obligatory.

When should it be filed

As with other forms for employment I-9 is different from other forms of employment. I-9 is not filed with an outside agency, but is instead retained by the employer, and then made accessible for inspection by U.S. Government officials as needed. You can keep all I-9s within one folder within your employee file or keep them in separate documents. Current Printable i9 Form

Employers are required to keep an I-9 for while the employee continues to work for their company. If employment ends the business has to keep the form for at least a year after the end of employment.Current Printable i9 Form

With U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement increasing the frequency of company audits, it’s vital to fill this form out accurately and filed on an appropriate timeframe to avoid costly fines and penalties. Current Printable i9 Form

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