DA 31 Form 2021 Pdf

DA 31 Form 2021 Pdf – A fillable DA 31 is used by US Army members to request permission to leave their posts. It is also known as the Request or Authority for Leave. In general, a fillable DA 31 is used when an individual wishes to use a portion of their vacation leave or must respond to an emergency in the family. This form contains personal information about the soldier, for instance, how they can be reached if needed.

DA 31 Form 2021 Pdf

The Department of the Army uses a DA 31 form. The form is a Request and Authority for Leave form that any member of the Army must fill out when they wish to request leave. This could be for personal reasons, like holidays or travel. It could also be used to request permission to leave during an emergency or medical emergency for family members.DA 31 Form 2021 Pdf

The DA Form 31 requires personal information including the name address, U.S. Army rank, social security number, as well as the place where the soldier is currently stationed. The Form 31 asks for specifics regarding the leave , such as its duration and who will be accompanying you.

A soldier’s request for a military leave could be granted or rejected depending on the information in this form. By providing as many details as possible regarding your leave, you are able to help in getting it approved. Inadvertently not providing all the required details could lead to your request being rejected.

It is used routinely to authorise leave, track the time of departure and the end of leave, maintain a record of addresses and numbers for soldiers to call in case of emergency, and to certify leaves that can be charged to the soldier’s leave account.

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