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Guide on writing an essay about the great depression

June 12, 2017

The Great Depression is a prolonged decline in the world economy, which has occurred in 1929 and finally ended in 1940. At the same time, the recession spread to most of the Western countries and other countries around the world. In fact, the Great Depression is a world economic crisis, and the write my term paper for me itself is usually used in relation to the United States of America.

causes of great depression essay

The essay about the great depression is a prosaic writing of a small volume and free composition, expressing individual impressions and considerations on a particular occasion or issue and certainly not claiming a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject. It assumes the author’s expression of his point of view, a subjective personal evaluation of the subject of reasoning, enables non-standard (creative), original material coverage.

The purpose of the essay is to develop skills such as independent creative thinking and writing out your own thoughts.
Writing essays allows the author to learn how to clearly and correctly formulate thoughts, structure information, use the basic concepts, identify causal relationships, illustrate the experience with appropriate examples, and argue their conclusions.

How to write an essay about the great depression?

Decide on the topic of the essay: it should be, first of all, interesting to you. In addition, when choosing a topic, make sure that you can pick up historical facts and arguments for your position. Write a paper for me cheap plan according to the cause-effect relations and the logic of the narrative.

Think about the arguments for and against. Logically correct inferences, historical facts are used as arguments. As a rule, the essay contains 2-3 arguments. Choose an essay style: most often it is recommended to write in a journalistic or scientific style.

Structure of the essay about the great depression

Introduction. Start an essay with an introduction, in which, you will explain why you chose this topic. Then open up the relevance of the topic and determine the positions of different authors on the proposed problem.

essay of the great depression

Main part. This part assumes the argumentation and analysis, as well as the substantiation of the theses, based on the available data and positions on this issue. Give your point of view and its confirmation by selected arguments, relying on historical facts, journalistic and literary sources or social experience. In the process of constructing an essay, it must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and the corresponding proof.

The conclusion sums up the essay or once again makes the explanations outlined in the main part. You can finish the essay with a rhetorical question or with an appeal to the reader. However, it is best to write a clear conclusion from the above arguments, confirming your attitude to the problem.