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Help me to write my essay about religion

June 7, 2017

An example of an essay on religion.

Religion plays a huge role in the life of society and the state. It compensates for the fear of death by believing in eternal life, helps to find moral, and sometimes material support for the sufferer. Christianity, briefly about religion, is one of the world’s religious teachings, which has been relevant for over two thousand years.

The Origin of Christianity Essay Writing Example

Strange as it may seem, Christianity, like Islam, is rooted in Judaism, or rather in its sacred book – the Old Testament. However, a single impetus to its development was given by only one person – Jesus of Nazareth. Hence the name (from Jesus Christ). Originally this religion was yet another monotheistic heresy in the Roman Empire. Christians were chased only this way. These persecutions played an important role in the sacralization of the Christian martyrs, and Jesus himself.

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If to speak, abstracted from faith and miracles, then the first Christians lived in the form of religious communities in the territory of the Roman Empire. The original symbolism was very simple: crosses, fish, etc. Why did this religion become the world? Most likely the case as a sacralization of the martyrs, in the teaching itself, well, of course, in the politics of the Roman authorities. So the state recognizes it received only 300 years after the death of Jesus – in 325 on the Nicaea Cathedral. The Roman emperor Constantine the Great (the pagan) called for peace all the Christian currents, there were many of which at that time. What is worth only the Arian heresy, according to which God the Father is higher than the God the Son.

Whatever it was, Constantine understood the unifying potential of Christianity and made this religion state. There are also rumors that he himself, before his death, expressed a desire to be baptized… All the same, the rulers were clever: they try to make everything bad when they are pagans and then turn to Christianity before death. Why not?!

Since then, Christianity has become the religion of the whole of Europe, and then of a large part of this world.

Basic provisions of the Christian doctrine needed to be included in Essay about religion

The world is created by God. This is the first position of this religion. It does not matter what you think, maybe the universe and the Earth, let alone life appeared in the course of evolution, but any Christian will tell you that God created the world. And if he is particularly knowledgeable, he can even call a year – 5 508 before the new era.

The second position – a person has a spark of God – a soul that is eternal and does not die after the death of the body. This soul was originally given to people (Adam and Eve) clean and uncomplicated. But Eve tore the apple from the tree of knowledge ate it herself and treated Adam, in the course of which the original sin of man arose. The question arises, why did this tree of knowledge, in general, grow in Eden?… But this I ask, as ultimately from the genus Adam)))

essay on importance of religion

The third position – this original sin by Jesus Christ was redeemed. So all the sins that are now – the result of your sinful life: gluttony, pride, etc.

Fourth, in order to atone for sins, one must repent, observe church ordinances, and lead a righteous life. Then, maybe, and you will deserve a place in paradise.

Fifth, if you lead an unjust life, you will perish in hell after death.

Sixth – God is merciful and forgives all sins if repentance is sincere.

The seventh – there will be a terrible judgment, the Son of man will come, will arrange Armageddon. And God will separate the righteous from sinners.

Well, how is it? Are you scared? The part of the truth is in this, of course. We must lead a normal life, respect the neighbors and not commit evil deeds. But, as we see, a lot of people call themselves Christians but behave directly opposite.

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