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Help me with an essay on happiness

June 7, 2017

Composition on “Happiness” is a rather difficult work, especially for those students who will write something like this for the first time. But in fact, there are few difficulties – the main thing is to understand the basic principle of building an essay. Features of the genre.

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In fact, the essay on “Happiness” is exactly the same work as many other essays on a different topic. Statement of their own knowledge, as well as thoughts on any occasion. The only difference is that accents, depending on the topic, are made on different means of the language. The most “convenient” in terms of performance is composition-reasoning. On the theme of “Happiness,” it is also quite to write my term paper for me.

If you work in this genre, you will need to focus not on the description of the topic, but on its analysis. The author is obliged to express his own point of view on the topic and, moreover, to justify it, basing his arguments on reasoning. And, if he sets himself such a task, he will have to convince his readers of his own right. In general, any reasoning (whether it’s oral or written) is bound to have a certain basis, the main idea and a correctly formulated text, understandable to the reader.

Structure of an essay about happiness

So, working on the composition, the student should take into account the volume of the text, the structure, a sufficient number of facts and arguments, the design of the whole work and, of course, literacy. It is important that the constituent parts (that is, the introduction, the foundation and the conclusion) go consistently. It is desirable that the introduction has a thesis – it makes it clear if the student is aware of the main idea, on which all the reasoning will be built in the future. The main part shows how a schoolboy expresses his thoughts, whether he observes the argumentation of speech, whether it is logical. Its content should prove the thesis, which was given in the introduction. For this, it is necessary to give two arguments, and this is the minimum.

And, finally, the conclusion

How should the essay on “Happiness” be completed? His conclusion is the result of everything that was said before. The student must summarize everything written by him into a single whole and come to an end. It is very important that the conclusion is substantial and not contradict the thesis stated at the very beginning. How to write about things that really excites if to it is not so difficult to observe the structure (in any case, having filled a hand on two or three compositions, it will be better), then it is more difficult to write a text with a deep meaning.

Especially on a moral and ethical topic. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is very difficult to describe feelings at all. They can be felt, but expressed on paper in such a way that readers can feel them, it is difficult. In order for this to happen, you need to focus entirely on the topic. Do not think about write my paper for me cheap online, the volume should also be forgotten for a while, and even about the structure. It is best to take a draft and write what you want. What comes to mind. And then already rewrite to the cleanup – structuring is much easier in this way.

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Features of stylistics for the essay about happiness

It is best to start an essay from a question. For example: “Happiness – this word is found in our lives so often… But in fact, what does it mean? What is real happiness?” This forces the reader to think unintentionally and begin to look for an answer in this question. Very good and, most importantly, literate literacy step, which will make a person read the text to the end. As for the content, which should be different work on the theme “Happiness”. First, there should be no water in the text. It should be for a bunch of words, but the abundance of quotes, aphorisms and comparisons should be avoided.

The essay on “Happiness” should be simple, frank – but it should be written in such a way that it makes you think. And, given the specifics of the subjects, one should use in his essay a phrase that sounds something like this: “Of course, everyone has their own concept of happiness, for someone it is to create a happy family, for another – to build an astonishing career …”.

This is a very good idea – to consider the topic from all sides, to show its versatility and to convey to people that everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but the truth is one. And it consists in the fact that everyone strives to achieve happiness, whatever it is for him.