Menards Rebate Form 20a

Menards Rebate Form 20aMenards is a family-owned home improvement retail chain that operates more than 300 stores, mostly in the Midwest. Their motto, “Save Big Money!” has become known as a household word. Their employees will inform you there are ways to save cash that no one else knows about Menards Rebate Form 20a

Menards Rebate Form 20a

Menards offers a great Menards Rebate Form 20a which I’ve been using for a long time and has been a huge help to us when we re-finished our basement and gotten the bulk of our supplies in a free or very cheap.

Menards rebates are simple. You don’t need to remove UPCs from packaging for products or take photocopies from your receipt. A second rebate receipt is automatically printed at the bottom of your main receipt when you purchase a rebate-related item from Menards. There’s a number at the top of each item’s rebate receipt

Each week, items are sold at a bargain price after you have submitted your rebate. A lot of them are free after rebate (FAR) However, there is a condition that you must spend $10 in non-rebate products to be eligible to receive rebates free of charge. This doesn’t affect items that are not FAR. The rebate is offered in the form a Menards “rebatecheck” which can be used as an actual gift card. Menards Rebate Form 20a

You decide to pick your products, and the first time you shop, you’ll pay the full amount Out of Pocket (OOP). The receipt you receive will contain rebate receipts on it, and each will be accompanied by an amount of rebate on it. Near the exit doors, a counter has all the rebate forms in number order. Pick the one you need. Menards Rebate Form 20a

Fill out the forms at home (I utilize address labels so they take about 1 second for each), then address your envelopes and put in the rebate receipt. There’s no need to cut UPC’s. In just three weeks, your rebate “checks” will begin arriving in the mail.

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