Military DA Form 31

Military DA Form 31 – US Army soldiers can request the right to leave their post by filling out a DA 31 form. This is also called the Request and Authority for Leave. In general, a form that can be filled out DA 31 is used when one wants to take advantage of some of their vacation time or has to take care of a family emergency. The form includes personal details regarding the soldier, such as the contact information they have if needed.

Military DA Form 31

A DA 31 form is used by the Department of the Army. If an Army member wants to apply for leave, they need to fill out the Request and Authority for Leave Form DA 31. This could be for personal reasons such as holidays or travel. It can be used to request leave in case of emergency or medical emergency for family members.Military DA Form 31

The DA Form 31 requires personal details like name address, U.S. Army rank, social security number, as well as the place where the soldier is stationed. It will also ask for details about the desired leave, like how many days the leave will last and who else will be traveling with you.

Based on the data provided on this form, a soldier’s leave for military service will be denied or approved. By providing as much detail as you can on your leave, you are able to aid in getting it approved. Not providing all of the necessary details could lead to your request being rejected.

It is frequently used to grant leave, monitor the beginning and ending of leave, keep track of addresses and numbers that soldiers can call in an emergency, and also to confirm leave days that can be charged to a soldier’s leave account.

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