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Who can help to write my essay about diversity?

June 7, 2017

If at the exam you are asked to write my paper online and the examiner must rely on the text, do not panic. In fact, everything is not so scary, but if you train hard, then this task ceases to be difficult. How can this be achieved?

First of all, you need to understand what will be checked. This will help to look at your own essay through the examiner’s eyes.

personal cultural diversity essay

Formulation of the problems of the source text in essay on diversity

Here your main task is to correctly formulate the problem of the text, that is, to find the question to which the author is trying to find the answer. Sometimes it’s simple: for example, a rhetorical question is asked in the text, or what the author cares about is straightforward text. Sometimes the task is complicated by the fact that there can be several problems. How to find the main one and not make a mistake? First, pay attention to the position of the author. It will necessarily be revealed with the help of arguments – examples from life, literature (what you will have to do). What are they dedicated to? What is the author fixated on? If there are several problems, then pay attention to the structure of the text – from which the author began, then ends. Usually, if there are several problems, it means that the author links one to the other makes a chain of them. What did he start talking about? What from the declared is more scale, globally, abstractly? This will be the most important.

Commentary on the formulated problem of the source text in essays about diversity

The problem should not only be defined but also briefly characterized, disclosed. Do not do this in detail, 3-4 proposals are enough. Why could this problem excite the author? Is it eternal or topical? Here you can use rhetorical questions and try to ask yourself and who will be reading your essay – is the author really right, is the problem really there?

Reflection of the position of the author of the source text

Your task is to say in a couple of sentences what the author’s position is. How does he relate to what he writes about? Here you can retell the output to which the text writer comes – you can find it at the end.

The argumentation of the examiner’s own opinion on the issue.

Now you need to express your own attitude to the problem and bring two arguments. Accordingly, you must agree/disagree with the author’s opinion, put forward two theses and illustrate them. Theses are part of your arguments. We need to formulate clearly two reasons why you think so, and not otherwise. Then we need to give two examples. It is important to remember that the strong arguments are scientific, statistical data, expert opinions (groups of people), literary examples. Weak arguments are your personal opinion and the opinion of the third person, that is, the so-called reference to authority. To quotes from strangers, you should resort as a last resort. In the end, show ingenuity: if absolutely nothing comes to mind, turn it into a “strong” example – say, for example, that scientists / psychologists / experts think. And then bring the quote that you remembered.

cultural diversity essay topics

Further is the speech design of the composition, that is, its form. Semantic integrity, verbal connectivity, and sequence of presentation.

Your write my thesis online, logical – to achieve this, you need to divide it correctly into paragraphs. To do this, you need to keep the composition in mind. Accuracy and expressiveness of speech.

Your task is to demonstrate the accuracy of the formulations and their diversity. If your proposals are built in the same way, and the words in them will be repeated all the time, this will affect the evaluation.

So, your diverse essay is ready.