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Writing an argumentative essay

May 25, 2017

Writing an argumentative essay is a ground for your discussion skills

An argumentative essay is one of the most interesting and enjoyed assignments of academic writing. Despite seeming complicatedness, it has a rather strict and understandable structure that makes it to write paper for college cheap. Moreover, it is the closest to the daily speaking than the other kinds of papers because its principles we use during each discussion has a place in close or business communication. If you have any doubts concerning this claim, read following.

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The controversial or disputable question is the object of any discussion. Similarly, the question at issue is the major and primary element of the argumentative essay. You should formulate it at the early beginning of your paper. Most likely, you would be asked to choose the object, not from the list of typical problems which are widely discussed but address to the points of your own interest within the investigated thematic field. For example, speaking about the environment and sustainability you should not focus on climate changes or pollution but more centered issues from would be much better. Thus, something like exploring of the influence of your daily mechanical habits such as the use of perfume in the environment could be an original and interesting object of the argumentative essay. In this case, your [email protected] could be formulated as the question “Can the daily use of perfume be considered sustainable?”

Presenting your individual position concerning the issue is the next step after creating [email protected] In the argumentative essay, it is called as the enthymeme. It is a single sentence that should include your claim and the reason for such suggestion: Daily use of perfume could not be considered as sustainable because their chemical components pollute the atmosphere and cause substantial environmental problems. Then, you can start to prove your position with different pieces of evidence and data or, if speaking the other words, present your arguments as you used to do in the oral discussion.

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Counterarguments are the most interesting and complicated element of the argumentative essay because they traditionally are given by the opponent in speaking. Write my term paper for cheap, not should oppose yourself. It is not easy to put a personal perspective under doubt. Indeed, it becomes easier if you consider that the counterarguments in the argumentative essay play the role of an amplifier for your position. It means you should present a perspective that differs from yours and then prove its weaknesses in favor of your enthymeme. Thus, your position should look more convincing in the light of the counterarguments.

In conclusion, you may address your personal vision for solving the issue you have explored in the paper. It does not mean that the conclusion should be the new part of the essay with proposed numerous ways. You should briefly focus on the points were discussed above. Addressing to the example, you may try answer whether daily use of perfume can be made more sustainable.