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Guide on essay about community service

June 17, 2017


community service paper high school

First of all, it must be clear that it takes much time to learn how to write essay about community service. You can’t write my paper for college that gets a high score without any preparation. Stable skills, and good results will come after 2-3 months of work (about 15-20 written essays). Systematic trainings and commitment bring good results. You must hone your practical skills with direct assistance and under the close monitoring of the teacher.

Unlike the essay on literature, where the minimum amount of work is clearly stipulated and the overall reflection (“philosophizing” without specifying) is acceptable, in the essay about community service, the amount is not limited, but its structure and content are very different.

How to write an essay about community service?

Actually, the essay about community service is an answer to the question: “Do I agree with this statement and why?” Therefore, such an essay must have strict write my argumentation paper, be scientific and specified. At the same time, we should know that the essay topic often includes quite paradoxical and unusual statements that require imaginative thinking and an innovative approach to addressing the issues. This inevitably affects the style of an essay and requires maximum concentration of forces and attention.

We would also like to add that the examination essay is assessed by certain people. So that the expert grading 50-80 works a day noted your essay as the one that deserves attention, it must not only comply with the following requirements but also be original, extraordinary and distinctive (which is implied by this genre). Therefore, you must not only outline the scientific and factual material on the topic but also surprise with your non-standard and flexible thinking.

chelsea community schools homework help

Plan of essay

Introduction to paper

  • The clear indication of the problem of the statement:“The statement I chose relates to the problem…”“The problem of this statement is that…”
  • Explaining the choice of topic (significance and relevance of this topic)“The question that interests everyone…”“THE RELEVANCE of this topic is that…”
  • Disclosing the meaning of the statement from the point of view of social science (1-2 sentences)
  • Presentation of the author and his/her point of view“The author claimed (told, though) from such point of view…”
  • You own interpretation of this phrase, YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW (WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT)“I think…” “I agree with the author of the statement…”
  • Claiming your position and moving to the main part of an essay

It will be an advantage if in the introduction you will give information about the author of the statement and include the definition of the chosen essay topic (philosophy, politics, economics, jurisprudence, etc.)


  • The theoretical argumentation of the problem. You must present at least 3 aspects of theoretical disclosure of the topic. For example: disclose the notion, provide examples, and figure out the signs, functions, classifications, and properties.
  • Practical argumentation or examples from the public life


Return to the formulation or problem of a statement. Based on it, make a conclusion.
It must consist of 2 parts: your thoughts as an outcome + return to the topic.