Free Printable W9 Irs Form

Free Printable W9 Irs FormA typical IRS form is Form W-9–Request For Taxpayer ID Number and Certification. If you have your own business or function as an independent contractor, a client may request that you fill out and send a W-9 so they can accurately prepare your 1099-NEC form and report the payments they make to you at the finish of the year. Free Printable W9 Irs Form

Free Printable W9 Irs Form

What is a Free Printable W9 Irs Form ?

The W-9, also recognized as Request for Taxpayer Identity Number and Certificate, is a form that offers companies with individual information concerning an independent contractor (IC), or freelancer, for tax purposes in the United States. The form requires information such as the IC’s name, address, and social safety number (SSN). This data is used in order to generate a 1099 MISC. Employers must use the W-9 Form as a tool to identify contractors for income tax purposes. You can verify the info and maintain it current to make sure correct personal information.

The Form W-9 should be updated annually and should be reviewed. It is feasible to keep the W-9 if you receive a contractor’s updated address or name changes. This form should be retained by the company for many years. It should not be sent directly to the Internal Revenue Service. Remember that it is a tool to gather specific info that a business needs to complete 1099 if the contractor earns more than a certain amount throughout the tax year.

Sending form W-9

Merely total the W-9 Form and return it to the person/company requesting it. They will typically keep the completed form in their files for reference during their end-of-year accounting so that they are able to issue an correct Form 1099-NEC. Free Printable W9 Irs Form

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